Project status

Discussion at the Strategic Days 2022 emerged the need and readiness for the IJS to develop both locations, Jamova/Mencingerjeva and at Reactor Center Podgorica. Impression after discussing spatial issues further is, that relocation of individual units and activities from Jamova to Reactor center will free up quite a bit of space in the existing buildings on Jamova. A completely new space, IJSplus, will be created on Mencingerjeva Street.

As presented at the informative event on April 14, 2023, in the next phase we will collect and list insights into the needs, views, and challenges of different groups of stakeholders. This process will take the form of user research and a co-creation process for the preparation of an architectural brief. Together with IJS, it will be implemented by the company Sito d.o.o.

Some of you will be invited to participate in an interview, others will be invited to submit insights via the application or to participate in a workshop. All of you will have the opportunity to participate in the concretization of the unified user starting points, which will guide the architects’ work in the preparation of conceptual architectural solutions.

The course of the user research and co-creation process for the preparation of the architectural brief and the individual steps will be presented here.

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Science-tech activities


Quantum Day,

10.–17. 4. 2024

On-going Activities

    • Slovene Quantum technology community:
    • Mesoscopic quantum simulators more
    • Quantum – classical interface more
    • Nonequilibrium quantum systems more
    • Electric and spin transport in quantum dots, wires and other nano- structures more
    • Quantum-dot cellular automata more
    • Quantum spin systems more
    • Programming tools more
    • Cold atoms more
    • Spin Thermal transport more
    • Quantum computing more
    • Collaborative Robotics more